BK now is launching hotdogs, or as they call them Grill Dogs.

They are made specifically for BK and are 100% beef.  They say that since they are grilled they will beat the competition like 7-Eleven which are on rollers.  While this may prove true, at a $1.99 for the regular and $2.29 for the chili cheese dog they are more expensive then the 2 gas stations near me that are 2 for $2.50 each and offer free chili and cheese.

I have a Nathan’s, Steak N Shake, DQ, and multiple gas stations near me selling hot dogs both premium quality or value priced.  24 hours at Steak N Shake and Kangaroo Gas too.  Plus in bigger markets Sonic and others also sell hot dogs already.  It will be interesting to see how this shakes out.